We have stunning

Interactive signage

You can change your content with sensors and apps in 2 easy steps. Interactivity here you come!


Every element in TDM Digital Signage is touch enabled. You can create wayfinding and catalogs


You can schedule pages or even complete playlists with our advanced scheduling module

Proof of Play reports

You can create reports to see what pages or advertisements have shown on your displays or display-groups


You can use our pre-defined templates or you can create your own in our TDM Designer


Easily upload your media files, we support most formats of image or video files

User log

With the userlog you can exactly see what content has been changed on userlevel


Monitor your assets out of the box. We will send you an alert when something goes wrong


Distribute your content to one or mulitple display(s) or groups from the TDM Designer

Users and Groups

You can set rights on users or usergroups with the advanced rights module

Alerts & Evacuation

You can override all content in case of an evacuation or alarm. You can use automatic or manual override


To access TDM you can use 2FA with Google Authenticator. The communication is crypted

Room Booking

Room booking on a tablet next to the room. TDM can control lights and do ad-hoc booking

IP Control

With IP Control you can control the power function of your display in your network


RS232 is a communication protocol which can control devices that are connected to TDM

TDM is not just a standard solution

With TDM you can do a lot more than just show Digital Signage. With our Enterprise-Grade software you open the door to Interactive Signage, Analytics, Proof of Play and a lot more! TDM is hosted on grade-A HP enterprise hardware in multiple datacenters. We ensure you that TDM is super userfriendly, fast and secure.


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