knowledge is power

TDM is a powerful digital signage solution and is capable of distributing visually attractive information.

Our smart software, which can serve all kinds of content (video, text, photo, RSS, etc.) is distributed from our high-end cloud solution to different types of output devices at different locations.

In short, a powerful platform for appealing communication for internal or external use.
The TDM Designer software is web-based and intuitive to use. Most users will be able to learn the basic skills themselves.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to let them follow a TDM Training, so that they get a much better insight into the extensive possibilities and the versatile applications of TDM.

As a result, users can operate the solution with much more confidence, all possibilities are explored, the digital signage solution will be more adapted within the organization, will be operated more efficiently, communicates more powerfully and gives more satisfaction to users.

Basic training

-4 Hours
-Understanding the basic operation
-Explanation of all the functionalities
-Designing and composing a presentation
-Selecting and adding (social) Media
-Usage of TDM elements
-Adding images, video’s and streams
-Adding a tickertape
-Learn all about scheduling
-Sending content to displays and/or groups

Advanced training

-Basic course + the advanced training
-8 hours, preferably spread over two days
-Working with external data
-User and group rights
-Advanced masterpages
-Working with proof of play
-Advanced user log
-Interactive signage
Tips and Tricks to work more efficiently

Receive a certificate

After participation you will receive the TDM digital signage certificate.

We can record the training

You can use the training video for reference and internal usage.

    A TDM training can take place at our training center in the Netherlands, but we can also visit your location.
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